have very busy schedules. Subtle Warrior caters to her schedule by offering the opportunity to learn personal defense anywhere - at home, office, or club meeting. Instruction and training is done in an exciting and informal atmosphere. Programs are goal-oriented and do not rely on strength or complicated moves. Subtle Warrior Self Defense's training gets participants excited about what they can do and enthusiastic about learning more. 

Participants learn skills which are developed based on individual personal assets with customized defense coaching. Personal defense education introduces strategies and tactics that include levels of force, mindset preparation, awareness, verbalization, escape and evasion concepts, violence dynamics, and force law, as well as skills for a physical force encounter in society today. 

  is an issue women think of often. Women have been conditioned to constantly assess their environment. But no matter how vigilant, one must be prepared. Knowledge is the best defense. Self Defense is a serious business, finding fundamental training is essential.  Distinctive quality instruction is available. Any woman can learn personal defense skills, regardless of her ability, agility, or experience.

Lisa Abbott, sole proprietor and instructor of Subtle Warrior Self Defense has extensive training with experts in the field of violence and defensive skills. She has developed a course that encompasses the aspects women need most for their own peace of mind and preparation. Classes are fun, informative and educational. 

  Self Defense is passionate about providing accurate information for personal defense. Education that empowers women with knowledge and confidence to live more securely. It is a defense education enterprise created for women by a woman. Based on the realization that there is a very critical need for accurate, effective personal defense preparation, Subtle Warrior's programs inform about the many facets of self defense. A well-rounded education better prepares women to understand the situation and take control of her own personal safety. 

Subtle Warrior offers training any time, any where. It is a fully mobile business.

Training done anytime, when it is most convenient to you! Venues have included college campuses, club meetings, gymnasiums, theatre stages, fitness centers, retail businesses, church halls and living rooms.

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"There's nothing subtle about violence and nothing more savage than a warrior woman."

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"The best way to prepare for a situation is to have a plan of action. Remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."   aa milne