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Subtle Warrior Self Defense provides education that gives women the knowledge and confidence to live more securely. It is a defense education enterprise created for women by a woman. With the realization that there is a very critical need for accurate and effective preparation, Subtle Warrior's program educates participants of the details of defending. The knowledge better prepares women to understand the situation and take control of her own personal safety. 

"The best way to prepare for a situation is to have a plan. Remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

~aa milne 

Personal Defense EDUCATION for Women​

Subtle Warrior's programs are available in seminar format, short term classes and workshops. Women's schedules are busy. The seminars can be held anywhere, anytime, working around busy schedules. Arranging a seminar for your group is as easy as making contact. Subtle Warrior also has public seminars several times a year at a hosting facility in Elko, Nevada. Loyalty Brazilian Jujitsu is pro-active in Subtle Warrior's endeavor by making their space available for seminars. Seminars consist of lectures, skills building, discussions, play and drills. 

Subtle Strategies - Warrior Tactics

Training at its best - VIOLENCE DYNAMICS: Self Defense + Operational Foundations

          Vio Dy West, Oakland, CA 2016                                                                                    Vio Dy PRIME, Minnesota 2017

​​Personal Safety is an issue women think of often. Women have been conditioned to constantly assess her environment. But no matter how vigilant, one must be as prepared as possible. Knowledge is the best defense. Learning how to protect yourself is serious and finding fundamental training is essential. Distinctive instruction is available. Learn about keeping safe, understanding violence, and knowing personal defense regardless of ability, agility, or experience.

Self defense is not a skill set. It is far more substantial than the physical fighting. There are essential aspects of defending that must be addressed as part of a self defense curriculum. Elements such as the ethical and legal significance; recognizing and responding to situational awareness, how violence happens, breaking the freeze, and what to expect afterwards, to name a few. When all those components fail, then the last line of defense is the physical.