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I trained in the martial art for 18 years. Training consisted of traveling 50 miles to class each time. When I was promoted and had to start teaching, I built and opened my own branch school where I live. This was all before protective equipment and mats. Classes were conducted on concrete floors, sparring was 'full-contact' meaning that we actually made strong, hard, but controlled contact when we sparred. ​​The Wells Dojo was active as a traditional martial arts  school from 1989 to 2000. 

  • 1982  -  Enrolled in Karate at local community college
  • 1983  -  Married
  • 1984  -  Returned to training with core instructor. Kyokushin and four other styles combined to form a system known as Futago no Kyoku Neko-ryu or Twin Jade Cat Martial Tradition
  • '86 & 87 - Sons born
  • 1989  -  Opened the Wells Branch of the TJC. Designed and started construction of my dojo
  • 1993  -  Nidan sanction achieved
  • 1996  -  Started Tai Chi with Shenghong Eikenberry
  • ​1997  -  Assistant coach for newly formed WHS Softball team. Attended Mike Candrea's Coaches Clinic in Tuscon, AZ
  • 1999  -  Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine classes with Bonnie Crotsenberg
  • 2001 -  WHS Softball First Nevada State Championship
  • 2002 -  1st summer at Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist Monastery in Santa Fe, NM for work study
  • 2003 -  2nd summer at Upaya Zen Center.  WHS Softball second Nevada State Championship
  • 2004 -  1st American Women's Self Defense (AWSDA) Seminar attended in North Carolina. Met Erin Weed at the seminar.  WHS Softball third Nevada State Championship  
  • 2005 -  Confined Area Survival Training certification attended at Modern Warrior Defensive Tactical Institute in Long Island, NY. 2nd AWSDA Seminar in Toronto, Canada. Regional Rep for AWSDA position procured.  Last season as WHS Softball assistant coach
  • 2006 -  3rd AWSDA Seminar in Phoenix, AZ
  • 2007 -  4th AWSDA Seminar in Phoenix, AZ.  Met and trained with Kevin Dillion's at the Seminar
  • 2008 -  ​5th AWSDA Seminar attended, taught a segment at the conference in South Carolina.  Presented 'Break 4 Defense' self defense seminars at all Great Basin College campuses.  Defensive Tactics Instructor Training and certification at Modern Warrior in Long Island, NY.  Joined Ruby Mountain Toastmasters International 
  • 2009 -  Female Self Defense Week (FSDW) seminar at Modern Warrior in Long Island for certification.  RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) training.  3rd Summer at Upaya Zen Center
  • 2010 -  Wilderness Fast/Vision Quest week in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains outside of Santa Fe with Upaya Zen Center.  1st training with Rory Miller in Billings, MT.  Attended the NCASV's Sexual Violence Prevention and Intervention Convention, Las Vegas, NV.   Attended FSDW seminar at Modern Warrior and taught a segment at the seminar
  • ​2011 -  Attended 'Concrete, Dirt & Barstools', 2nd training with Rory Miller in San Francisco and Oakland, CA.   Presented at the Women In Business Luncheon sponsored by Elko Daily Free Press.  3rd training with Rory Miller at Lakewood, CO. Met Bob Orlando, Marc McYoung, and Terry Trahan.  4th Training with Rory Miller in Reno, NV.  
  • 2012 -  Did the Elko County Sheriff's 1st Citizen's Academy, several weeks worth of classes
  • 2013 -  Training with Rory Miller in Oakland, CA
  • 2014 -  Training with Rory Miller in Oakland, CA
  • 2015 -  Training with Rory Miller in Oakland, CA.  Trained with Rory Miller and Tony Blauer's 'Convergence Evolution' weekend in Carlsbad, CA.  Tony Blauer Annual SPEAR System Self Defense Combatives Camp in Las Vegas, NV
  • 2016 -  Violence Dynamics West Weekend training in Oakland, CA with Marc McYoung, Terry Trahan, Ed Calderon, Kathy Jackson, Rory Miler, Kasey Kekeisen.   Mixed Skills and Urban Observation and Movement training with Tracker Dan and Ed Calderon in Oakland, CA
  • 2017 -  Violence Dynamics PRIME Seminar in Minneapolis, MN with Terry Trahan, Kasey Kekeisen, Tammy McCracken, Randy King and Rory Miler.    Attended Terry Trahan seminar at Soja Berkley, CA.   Rory Miller weekend in Boise, ID
  • 2018 -  Rory Miller in Boise, ID.   Violence Dynamics PRIME in MN.   Violence Dynamics West in Oakland, CA

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A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim.      ~ Maya Angelou

Personal Defense EDUCATION for Women​

Subtle Warrior Self Defense, LLC

Serving Northeastern Nevada and Beyond

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Subtle Evolution

Lisa Abbott established Subtle Warrior Self Defense after becoming a certified personal defense instructor in 2004. Her training in a traditional martial art began twenty-two years prior.

Lisa started studying the martial arts in 1982. The traditional karate system was a hard style. The root style was Kyokushin, but the entire system comprised of five different styles her core instructor had studied. 

And then a paradigm shift happened and the journey to specialize in Self Defense for women began.