You Have An Absolute Right To Defend Yourself!  Personal defense involves so much more than just physical skill. It is comprehending the perception of threat, grasping personal ethics and facing fear and terror. There is no better time to gain the confidence and learn the self-reliance you deserve. Invest more in yourself and your peace of mind. Learn what to do in a threatening or violent situation. 

Yes, you can, and must, be pro-active in your personal defense!

Seminars and workshops are offered the year. Flyers and notices are emailed out.

Just have your email added to the training list to receive notification. 

Bring Subtle Warrior's informative and fun training to your next meeting, group gathering or get together with friends, get some knowledge and gain some skills. All while having fun with your friends. 

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Upcoming Seminar

November 18, 2017 • Women's Self Defense Seminar  See flyer for details. 

Space is limited • Reserve your spot now

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"Self Defense for women taught by a woman."

What's Happening at the Studio

Subtle Warrior's Personal Defense EDUCATION program is mobile throughout Elko County, and beyond. 

Interested in a seminar? Lets set up a training seminar. Schedule a seminar at your facility, compatible with your schedule. Contact Subtle Warrior today!

Subtle Warrior's Guidelines

  • No Previous Training Necessary. Even skilled martial artist will benefit from classes
  • For Females Only
  • There is a Minimum number of participants required for the 3 hour workshop
  • Participants must be 15 years of age  (Some exceptions may apply)
  • Parental/Guardian signature necessary for minors

Subtle Warrior studio is located in Wells, Nevada. Originally designed and built as a traditional martial art dojo the studio has been in operation in Wells since 1989. Workshops are the main activity in the studios these days. 

 The goal is to also have weekly marital arts based exercise with emphasis on defense preparedness and training. 

Seminar Scheduling

Training Opportunities

80% of the assailants will be someone the victim knows

"There's nothing subtle about violence and nothing more savage than a warrior woman."

Serving Northeastern Nevada & Beyond

Subtle Warrior Self Defense, LLC

"There lies in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire that lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hours of adversity."   washington irving

Empowering Women Through Personal Defense Education